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Celtic Coastal Hearing Services is an independently owned and family operated caring hearing health option offering a uniquely personalised and patient focused hearing care experience. As an independently owned hearing care service we can offer hearing solutions from a full range of hearing device manufacturers and not just one option. Simply, at Celtic Coastal Hearing the choice for better hearing is yours, truly!

Audiometrist Caitriona Slade has been serving the needs of the hearing impaired in the mid north coast since 2007. “However listening to my patients needs created a strong belief that it was a time for change.” (Caitriona Slade, Audiometrist). I passionately believe in ‘one to one’ hearing care experience with continuity of care with your own dedicated hearing care professional to achieve successful hearing outcomes for people. Hence the proud arrival of Celtic Coastal Hearing Services ….an innovative hearing service that offers hearing care as individual as you are! ‘

Just as hearing losses are dynamically diverse so too are the unique and multi-faceted hearing needs of each person. If it requires an ‘outside the square’ pathway to achieve successful outcomes, then Celtic Coastal will go all the way!  The result is a holistic, individualized and personally tailored hearing care plan.

The inspiration for the name Celtic Coastal Hearing sprung from Caitriona’s own rural upbringing in Ireland. I feel it represents the bond between my own heritage and the strong Celtic ancestry Australia.

The core value of Celtic Coastal is that of a personalized service with a strong emphasis on consistent follow up care which will enable people to feel confident, supported and able to utilise hearing aids and communication tactics in their daily lives. At Celtic Coastal Hearing the focus is firmly on hearing care not just hearing aids.

“I passionately believe that my small practice provides an intimate and caring environment where people’s individualities are embraced and used as the corner stone in my hearing rehabilitation program”

“Hearing Care as individual as you are”

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Celtic Coastal Hearing Services
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